27 November 2012

Hip Tokyo best places

Minimal and pratglad list of coffeehouse chains

Food and beverages: Be A Good Neighbor

Tokyo has traditionally not been a city known for its coffee culture. But in recent years, more and more small kaffebarer have begun to appear in street corners. One of the findings is Be A Good Neighbor, located on a back street between Harajuku and Sendagaya. Place is really minimal, there is only room for three (3!) standing guests at a time. Despite that I avoid stressing in my aperitif, because the owner is so pratglad and pleasant.

3-51-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku

Dine with energetic guys

Food and drink: Teppen Otoko Dojo

Traditional izakayor, places where you mainly drink but also eat simple food, there is hardly a shortage in Tokyo. To stand out of competition, some have special trick: Teppen Otoko Dojo are all employees of the hurtigaste sort of Japanese guys that with all kinds of tricks and spex makes the meal more memorable. Their energy and cheerful mood infecting easy by itself, and the food is good and affordable. Good start to utekvällen.

37-10 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku

Ancient and affordable izakaya

Food and beverages: Isegen

Do you prefer more traditional izakayor is Isegen in Kanda, a hot tip. Rather than have been available in 180 years, poppis among politicians and senior business people. Despite the popularity, serves Isegen some of the most reasonably priced lunch menus in Tokyo. Around 1,500 yen (about $ 130), a traditional Japanese meal of the highest class. Because places are limited, it is good to book a table in advance. The staff has no English, so make sure any of you speak Japanese.

1-11-1 Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku.

Champagne and macarons

Food and drink: Q-pot café

The jewelry company that operates the Cafe is perhaps not unusual. But since it is Q-pot, known for their jewelry in the form of macarons and other sweet pastries, which has taken the step to recognize the development after all pretty logical. At the newly opened Q-pot café in Omotesando served sweets, coffee, tea and champagne. Inordinately popular among Tokyo's more wealthy girls in their twenties.

3-10-3 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku

Make yourself as Super Mario

See and do: Mai-Dreamin Shibuya

Maidkaféet Mai-Dreamin on its newly opened branch in Shibuya made a little extra with the decor. Here are the walls covered with pixel graphics and Japanese emoji-characters, and in the roof hanging boxes with question marks on, inspired by Super Mario games. It goes to turn on the product packaging, and receive feedback in the form of a fun sound and light effects. Highly recommended to anyone with nostalgic memories of the 8-bitarseran.

30-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku

Ancient second hand with expensive clothes

Jeanne Choice

Jeanne selection in fashionable Daikanyama is a shop where the second hand meets a kostymmuseum. Here you will find all kinds of ancient, original creations. Everything from brandmanskostymer from the 19th century to the second-hand underpants that are over 100 years old. Even more normal clothes of the classic cut is on the shelves in the small shop. Everything is for sale, but at high prices.

13-6 Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku

Eccentric world-around-interior design

Shopping: H. P Deco

One of Tokyo's best Interior shops located on a back street, a few blocks from the Metro station, Omotesando. In one of the rooms is carefully selected products from all over the world, everything from linens to incrementing-labrar. In another, see furniture, both new and second-hand, and on the upper level there is a small Department with clothes and accessories.

5-2-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

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